True crime podcast could help crack 47-year-old cold case

It’s often said that fresh eyes on studied material can reveal something once hidden. 

This could be true for a 47-year old unsolved double murder case in Durham. A new podcast, “The Long Dance,” delved into this case that has stumped investigators for almost half a century, interviewing those close to the case and anyone who might have a bit of information that could reveal the truth. 

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Typewriter to Macbook: technology’s influence on the craft of writing

When people meet Allan Gurganus and find out he is a writer, they usually respond that they too could be a writer, if they only had 6 weeks and a mountain cabin. 

This romanticized view of writing does not end with the idea of a getaway, but extends into the fascination with vintage typewriters…

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The King Street Bar in place to rule downtown

On a recent Wednesday, Tim Lyons, an award-winning chef, sits in Cup-A-Joe wearing a blue zippered hoodie, sipping a cup of coffee. He’s the owner of that bar that suddenly appeared on King Street one day a month ago, with signs tacked to the windows that read “Why live when you can rule?”

You may know his name from the delicate seafood cuisine at Blu’s Seafood and Bar or the farm-to-fire-to-fork Primal Food and Spirits, both located in Durham.

But this King Street Bar isn’t out to knock fine dining elbows in Hillsborough...

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Luis F. Rios named OCS Teacher of the Year

Luis F. Rios, standing among the three finalists for Orange County Schools’ 2018-19 Teacher of the Year Award, attempted to hide his jubilation as he listened to the deputy superintendent read a statement submitted by one of the unnamed finalists.

“I believe that it takes a team and village to educate a child,” Pam Jones, Orange County Schools deputy superintendent began. “...I believe that my purpose in doing this work is to empower the next generation of leaders that will go on to create a peaceful, compassionate, abundantly joyful world…

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Volume gets turned up downtown

Silent static plays on a bright orange television while music your parents might have spun on vinyl settles in the air. A Miles Davis “Kind of Blue” poster accompanies the likes of Wilco, the Sex Pistols, and of course, David Bowie peering through a window-paned door – the back cover of “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars” LP. 

This bar’s teal-framed windows are pushed open and the crisp October dusk wafts in. A slap of draft beer hits the tilted bottom of a glass – it’s just about that time of day.

It’s 4:30 p.m. in downtown Hillsborough. This record store and bar combo, appropriately named “Volume" ...

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